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Sunday, 21 February 2010

Animation/ Video research

So we have been given two new projects to do over the next 5 weeks or so
Animation - 30 Seconds, 12 frames per second and themed around the phrase "the recipe"
Video - 3 Minutes, Documentry or drama documentry on something to do with bath

So i decided to venture to the library to see if there was anything of use .... so i was looking at the dvd's sisnt really know what to look for and i stumbled across some dvds anyway ./..... long story short i found some amazing things !!

my favorite so far is directed by virgil widrich and he made an animation called "fast Film" At first i thought it was just a montage peice of old movies but then the clips were some how folding into each other and when looking further i found out it was all peices of paper . He used 65,000 folded printed papers to produce this its AMAZING !

I managed to find it on youtube so Look !

Another film i found really interesting was by Daniel Askill called " we have decided not to die "
Its completely strange but i couldnt take my eyes of it ! The cinemetography is immense some scenes were up to 500 frames per second . WOAH.

This is like a summary version of it it was longer but it gives you an idea !

The dvd i got this from was called onedotzero_select dvd adventures in moving image from 2005 i think it was a random find but i want to find more !

I will research more later i think im gna do some experimentation of my own so my animation group doesnt kill me ....

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